Starship Mojave FAQ

In the live version of episode one, why were kids used as actors? Because kids were interested, many adults were not. Although some adults appeared, they had to be talked into it by the kids. It was far easier to get kids excited about the production compared to adults.
Can I see the original live version? No, the original live version, published in 2008, has been archived and is no longer available for public viewing.
When are you going to stop using computer voices? They're annoying! Probably never. There aren't enough people available or reliable enough to provide voices. The robots do exactly what I want them to do, when I want them to do it. Although I must admit it can be rather difficult to convey emotion, but this has to be an acceptable trade-off.
Can I do voicework for Starship Mojave? No, because you're only one person, and, respectfully, that's not going to cut it. If I agreed, you may not return for additional episodes, or quit halfway through, which would result in a character being inexplicably killed off or undergoing a complete change of voice, which is unacceptable for continuity reasons.
When are you going to modernize your website? What you see is what you get! I'm not a web designer.
When are you going to have a Facebook page? Probably never. I'm not a big fan of social media. Isn't it enough that I put them on Youtube?
How many episodes do you plan to make? We'll see. I have many ideas, but it takes a lot of time to animate them.
I can help you increase web traffic to your website, how about you take advantage of this? I really don't care how many people view my website or videos. I would still produce them even if there were no audience. I will also never have ads on my site.